If you have an improper bite, one reason for it could be crowding.

What is crowding?

This is a very common orthodontic case where the jaw lacks space for the all the teeth to fit normally. In this case, the teeth may become twisted or may be out of their correct position.

Issues with crowding

This problem should be corrected as it will affect your smile. It can also affect the function of your teeth. As the teeth are misaligned or out of position or twisted, cleaning may be hard, which makes them susceptible to gum disease and even tooth decay.

Treatment for crowding

At Smiling Wide Orthodontics, we have the necessary knowledge, equipment and treatments for this kind of orthodontic problem. Here, we can expand the arches to fit the entire teeth and get the misaligned teeth to its proper position or we can remove teeth in order to make room for the other teeth. We can use braces, removable appliances or clear plastic aligners  and we will guide you on which one is the best for you in terms of getting the best results.

Feel free to contact us for your complimentary initial consultation to find out more about any of our orthodontic treatments and how they can be used to resolve issues like crowding.