Deep bite

A deep bite is a severe orthodontic condition which you should get treated to correct the alignment and bite of your teeth. A deep bite can significantly impact the appearance of your smile.

What is a deep bite?

A deep bite is a condition where your upper front teeth bite too deeply over the lower front teeth. This can be caused by a large top jaw, missing lower teeth, a small lower jaw or tight oral muscular patterns.

Issues with a deep bite

It is very important that you should get this condition treated as it can cause excessive wear to your teeth. The top edge of the lower teeth will often wear very early and extensively. As the upper teeth bite totally over the lower teeth, the function of your teeth will be poor especially when chewing food. With time, the gum behind the upper teeth and in front of the lower teeth can be chewed away. In addition, deep bites can also affect lower jaw development and movement. Your smile can also be affected by this condition, as the upper teeth can wear on their chewing surfaces, over time.

How to correct a deep bite

At Smiling Wide Orthodontics, deep bites are usually corrected with braces, as upper and lower teeth often require a large amount of force to correct their poor angulation. If the problem has a small lower jaw component, a fixed functional appliance may also be used together with braces. At an early age, really severe deep bites may be treated with a removable appliance to reduce the wear on the teeth. Through these treatments, we can move the teeth to the best possible position.

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