1. Insert the Bow-Arch, placing one end only partly in the one round large tube, then place the other end in the other tube. Now seat the Bow-Arch completely, teasing it, never forcing. The loops on the Bow-Arch face downwards.
  2. Now attach the neck-strap or head cap to the Bow-Arch hooked on as instructed.
  3. Handle everything carefully, especially when removing or inserting the arch.
  4. Should a band which is cemented to a tooth become loose, call for an emergency appointment. Bring the band with you of course and all the other material as well.
  5. Protect the Bow-Arch when it’s not in use by keeping it with the neck-strap in the container provided. Bring all this material to the surgery on each visit.

When you should wear it

You don’t need to wear the head gear at school, but you must wear it everyday – all night when you’re asleep and a few of the waking hours to make up the difference. These hours need not interfere with after school playtime, since it can be worn while doing homework, watching TV, or on the computer.

Only the first night or two may be uncomfortable, as the molars may be sore and falling asleep difficult. Once the neck-strap adjustment is started it must be adhered to continuously, wearing every day and all night. If you leave it off just one night you may have to wear it many extra nights later on.

Please take care

  • Your headgear must be worn with care. It must be put in and taken out in a manner to prevent facial or eye injury.
  • Never wear your headgear in rough play or any situation where it might be dislodged suddenly.
  • Never remove the wire section without first removing the neck-strap or other elastic force.
  • Never adjust or alter your headgear without instructions from your orthodontist.