Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth can cause more functional and health problems than aesthetic problems. Other people may not even know you have impacted teeth but the pain and pressure they cause mean you need treatment.

What are impacted teeth?

Impacted teeth are very common. Impaction occurs when the tooth fails to erupt or when it erupts in an improper position. Caused by improper positioning of the tooth bud, this can be very painful and can result in the resorption of adjacent teeth.

The most commonly impacted teeth requiring orthodontic alignment are the canine teeth. However, there are some instances where lateral incisor and premolar teeth may be impacted as well. Wisdom teeth are also quite often impacted – the most common treatment for the impacted wisdom teeth is surgical removal.

Issues with impacted teeth

It is important for you to correct this problem as it can cause damage to the teeth beside it. It can also leave unwanted spaces and make your smile less attractive. In addition, impacted teeth force the teeth to function improperly which can have a direct effect on your overall dental health and well being.

Treatment for impacted teeth

Here at Smiling Wide Orthodontics, you will be referred to an Oral Surgeon to uncover the tooth. Then we will use braces to guide the impacted tooth to its correct position. This may take several months to achieve but you do get to keep the tooth and prevent extraction. There are some cases where extraction may be the only option for impacted teeth. The earlier you are seen, the better the results for impacted teeth.

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