Missing teeth

About one person in fifty has one or more missing teeth. The most commonly missing teeth are the upper lateral incisors, followed by the lower second premolars. Some people are unfortunate enough to be missing many teeth.

What are missing teeth?

Missing teeth create spacing and will often allow the adjacent teeth to erupt or drift into the wrong positions. Sometimes there are gaps between the teeth. On other occasions, an adjacent tooth will impact, as it has lost its eruption guidance from the missing tooth.

Issues with missing teeth

It is important for you to get this problem corrected as it will make your smile less attractive and can even make you look older. Your teeth may not function correctly, which leads to teeth deterioration and decay.

Treatment for missing teeth

Smiling Wide Orthodontics has the necessary equipment, knowledge and treatment plans to solve this kind of orthodontic problem. With braces, removable appliances or Invisalign, we can move the teeth and get rid of the gap between the teeth producing a much more attractive smile. The spacing can sometimes be closed. Other times, we may need to open the compromised space to establish the correct space for a replacement tooth or an implant.

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