Removable appliances

Removable appliances (plates) are not braces. Unlike braces which are attached directly to the teeth, removable appliances are often used for early intervention cases. They are also worn to prevent teeth from shifting back to their original position once your braces are removed. All removable appliances utilised by Smiling Wide Orthodontics are custom fabricated to minimise bulk and increase comfort levels for every individual. Smiling Wide will not use “the one size fits all’ [myobrace] approach to treatment utilised elsewhere – you are an individual and your individual treatment needs will be treated with respect.

What they do

  • Some create space in the mouth and can expand the arch to correct bite problems.
  • Others assist in correcting jaw/bite relationships.
  • Others are used to retain teeth in their correct positions.

Removable appliances are not used for all orthodontic problems. It takes skill and experience to recognise conditions that will respond favourably to removable appliances. Timing of such therapy is also very important. Your orthodontist is a specialist, trained to make such decisions.

Early detection and intervention of orthodontic problems can be a great advantage for your child. Interception and treatment of developing issues can reduce treatment time. Smiling Wide Orthodontics facilitates early detection, by not charging for the initial consultation. Any checks required prior to active treatment are also provided at no charge – even if this is over a few years. Ask us how.

Since removable appliances can easily be removed by the patient, there may be a tendency not to wear them as prescribed. This means running the risk of having teeth, jaws and muscles move back to their original positions. You certainly do not want that to happen!

At first you may notice it takes more effort to speak and eat. As with anything you place in your mouth, removable appliances may increase the flow of saliva. After you get used to wearing and caring for your appliance, you will see how easy it is to follow simple instructions that can help you maintain a great smile.

The removable appliance may cause initial tooth soreness. Over 2-3 days this discomfort usually disappears.