One of the most common forms of dental issues is spacing. It can occur if teeth have not erupted properly, teeth are missing or are in the wrong place. Imperfections in tooth positioning can lead to spacing issues in the future.

What is spacing?

Spacing is the opposite of crowding. There are gaps between the teeth. This particular problem can occur if the teeth are splayed or are protruding forward. This can also happen if the teeth are too small for the jawbone.

Issues with spacing

It is important for you to get this problem corrected as it will make your smile less attractive and can even make you look older. Your teeth may not function correctly, which leads to teeth deterioration and decay. With spacing you may even be susceptible to gum disease or periodontal disease.

Treatment for spacing

Smiling Wide Orthodontics has the necessary equipment, knowledge and treatment plans to solve this kind of orthodontic problem. With braces, removable appliances or Invisalign, we can move the teeth and get rid of the gap between the teeth producing a much more attractive smile.

Feel free to contact us for your complimentary initial consultation to find out more about any of our orthodontic treatments and how they can be used to resolve issues like spacing.