Under bites

An under bite is another orthodontic condition which you should get treated to correct the alignment and bite of your teeth. A under bite can significantly impact the appearance of your smile.

What is a under bite?

An under bite is a condition where your upper front teeth bite inside the lower front teeth. This can be caused by a small top jaw, missing or extracted upper teeth, or an enlarged lower jaw.

Issues with under bites

It is very important that you should get this condition treated as it can cause excessive wear to your teeth. As the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, the function of your teeth will be poor especially when chewing food. In addition, under bites can also affect jaw development and movement. Your smile can also be affected by this condition, as the upper teeth can wear on their front surfaces, over time.

How to correct under bites

At Smiling Wide Orthodontics, removable appliances are commonly used to solve this orthodontic problem at an early age. At later ages, we also correct under bites with braces. For very small top jaws, we sometimes use a reverse face mask to bring the top jaw forward, whilst you sleep. For exceptionally small top jaws, or exceptionally large lower jaws, a combined approach may be required with the help of a maxilla-facial surgeon. Through these treatments, we can move the teeth to the best possible position.

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