Removable appliances

Your removable appliance must be worn at all times, preferably while eating. You should only remove your appliance when you are cleaning your teeth, playing sport or swimming. You may initially experience some tiredness in the joint area around the ear and the chewing muscles. This should settle within a few days.

When playing sport or swimming your appliance should be kept safe in the case provided to avoid breakage or loss. If lost, replacement costs will apply.

The first night or two the appliance may not stay in the mouth whilst asleep. Continual wearing of the appliance will normally solve this.

Please follow any instructions for expansion or screw to be turned.

Cleaning instructions

After eating, remove the appliance and:

1. Brush your teeth and gums especially where they are covered by the plate.
2. Brush the plate with toothbrush and toothpaste.

Never use boiling water to clean your appliance (U.R.A/Twin Block/Andresen/Essix/Retainer).


• Chewing gum, sticky sweets and soft drinks.
• Minimise cakes, sweet biscuits and lollies.
• Do not move the appliance up and down with your tongue.

At first

• You will have difficulty eating and talking and you will experience an increase in saliva flow. This will pass in a couple of days providing the plate is worn as directed.

Replacement appliances

• Will be charged for, so treat it with care.
• If you have any problems which make it difficult to wear your appliance, please advise the surgery immediately.

Your dentist

• You MUST continue your regular visits to your dentist every 6 months or so, during the orthodontic treatment period.